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24-26 Jun., 2019 Melbourne, Australia 中文
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Why Exhibit?

Australia is a large agricultural country, according to statistics, local agricultural output value reached $ 25.7 billion. Main crops are 13.5 million hectares of wheat, 3.9 million hectares of barley, 1 million hectares of oats, 2.6 million hectares of rape, 25.5 million in total. According to APVMA, by the end of June 2013, Australia pesticide market value in the year of 2012-2013 exceeded $ 1.87 billion. Herbicides are the largest category, reached $ 1.261 billion, covering 67% in total. Pesticide reached $ 350 million and Fungicide reached $169 million. Australia market is the 5th largest export destination for Chinese companies. According to customs statistics, in 2013, Chinese Pesticide which exported to Australia nearly 70,000 tons, amount to $369 million.

Along with the progress and development of pesticide industry in China, Chinese-made pesticide is enjoying an increasingly reputation in the world market, in which export volume and amount of original pesticides and formulation showed big gains, and the volume of formulation has exceeded the original pesticides. So pesticide export gets a new level. In recent years, Chinese companies have opened wholly-owned or joint venture in Australia, which improve Chinese-made influence. Facing Australia's huge potential market and undiminished enthusiasm for development in foreign market, it’s particularly important for the enterprises to analysis Australian markets in-deep. October is also the main season, so 3rd CAC Australia Summit is the first choice!



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